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Bringing She's Gone to New York City to Fight Intimate Partner Violence

Marthe Cohen

Remember the Women Institute is pleased to be partnering with Israeli installation artist Keren Goldstein and her team to bring her art installation She's Gone to New York City. In Fall 2020, we will present She's Gone at a one-day symposium, with local co-sponsors working on the issue of intimate partner violence.

She's Gone is an art installation that protests against the international tragic phenomenon of gender-based murder, specifically intimate partner or domestic violence. The project speaks on behalf of the innocent victims of violence that is inflicted by spouses or other family members. Created by Israeli artist Keren Goldstein and her team, the installation began by calling attention to the cross-cultural issue in Israel. It is now being expanded to address the crisis in other countries, echoing its universal scope.

The installation currently includes a green tee-shirt, a denim dress, a short fake-fur coat, a long embroidered dress, a pair of jeans, a red shirt, a lucky sweatshirt that was worn before every test, and a special top and jacket bought especially for a wedding. These random garments, which contain tales of absence and loss within their folds, are muted witnesses to lives that were abruptly and violently taken. Every garment displays a small note with a name on it. Next to the name are details of the murder and the murderer's verdict.

The garments currently included in the installation are the clothing that actually belonged to murdered women from all sectors of Israeli society. There is an original background soundtrack that includes lullabies in 12 languages related to the victims' backgrounds. The clothes are final reminders of what were once the full, active lives of Dafna and Anat, Fatma and Limor, Malkam and Duaa, Ganit, Ala, Salmelak, Shlomit and Iris. These are just a few of so many, representing the silent voices of women and young girls who had dreams, hopes, and a strong desire to live.

She's Gone is in the process of evolving from an Israel-based to an international art installation that protests against the spreading phenomenon of gender-based murder and speaks on behalf of innocent victims of violence worldwide. The artist is seeking clothing in connection with a forthcoming exhibition in Berlin, as well as in other European cities. Before and during the Fall 2020 symposium in New York City, she seeks to find clothing of local victims in the metropolitan area.

Following the Fall 2020 symposium and working with Remember the Women Institute, Keren Goldstein and her team will be expanding the She's Gone exhibition with garments that are collected internationally, and the expanded exhibition is planned to be shown in Fall 2020 to mark the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Violence against women should not be inevitable, and it is essential that we do everything in our power to prevent it. Rooted in patriarchal societies that refused to acknowledge that women are equal and unique beings, these horrifying acts of gender-based murders continue to brutally violate human rights. By boldly showing the clothes of murder victims, She's Gone strives to raise global public awareness and encourage dialogue around this painful phenomenon. We wish to loudly sound the alarm and engage people everywhere to act and bring about change.

Please watch watch for further details. We invite relatives of murdered women to add their clothes to the display. Please contact us at if you can help with this effort.

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