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 Linda, Stein Sonja Hedgepeth, Rochelle Saidel



Feminist artist Linda Stein, based in New York City, has created two innovative projects related to women and the Holocaust. Her series of fabric panels about women during the time of the Holocaust honors heroines, and her Spoon to Shell boxes focus on how possessing a spoon could mean the difference between life and death in a concentration camp. Both of these artistic representations are a tribute to women's special strengths and tribulations. Watch for dates where her work will be exhibited, and see more information on Linda Stein's website and Have Art Will Travel. Stein attributes her inspiration for Spoon to Shell to the book Sexual Violence against Jewish Women during the Holocaust, edited by Sonja M. Hedgepeth and Rochelle G. Saidel. Photo: Left to right, artist Linda Stein, with Sonja Hedgepeth and Rochelle Saidel donning Linda's wearable sculptures (full-size photo).

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