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Anita B

Watch for Anita B, which previewed in Jerusalem in January 2014. This fictionalized film about the life of Edith Bruck reminds us that the suffering of Holocaust survivors did not end when they were liberated. Based on Bruck's autobiographical novel and directed by Roberto Faenza, the film begins when fifteen-year-old Anita arrives in Czechoslovakia to join her father's sister and family. Recently set free from Auschwitz, she is a Hungarian national who is not welcomed by Czech authorities. She is treated badly by her aunt, who requires her to do more than her share of household chores and displays no warmth toward her. She is also taken advantage of sexually by an in-law who claims to love her but clearly does not. This affair almost destroys her, but she gathers her strength and manages to begin a new life. The English language film stars Eline Powell as Anita. Bruck's book, written in Italian and translated to English, is Who Loves You Like This.

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