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Life, Death and Sacrifice: Women and Family in the Holocaust, edited by Esther Hertzog,* is now available in both English and Hebrew.English version of Life, Death and Sacrifice by Esther HertzogThe English anthology is Life, Death and Sacrifice: Women and Family in the Holocaust (Gefen 2008).
International academics examine the subject of women in the Holocaust from the perspectives of history, sociology, political science, anthropology and gender studies. The articles included are based on papers presented at conferences held in Israel on women and the Holocaust. The book is divided into four sections. Initial articles deal with adaptations of families to horror. Then the issue of “Gendered persecution and sexualized violence” is approached, followed by studies on “Gendered altruism and women’s leadership” and finally “Gender and womanhood in Holocaust representations.”
Dr. Esther Hertzog, as well as a number of contributors to the volume, are members of the Advisory Board of Remember the Women Institute. In the English volume, they include Dr. Judith Tydor Baumel-Schwartz, writing on “Gender and Family Studies of the Holocaust: the Development of a Historical Discipline,”  Dr. Dalia Ofer, on “Motherhood Under Siege, “ Dr. Eva Fogelman, on “Gender as a Factor in Rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust,” and Dr. Rochelle G. Saidel writing on “Jewish Political Prisoners in Ravensbrück Concentration Camp.”

Hebrew version of Life, Death and Sacrifice by Esther HertzogIn the poignant cover photograph, three generations of women in one family are pictured: the elegant satisfied grandmother dressed up for the portrait, her young adult daughter, and an infant girl. Both the mother and grandmother perished in 1944. The baby, born in the 1920s, was saved and became the mother of Esther Hertzog, editor of the volume.
The section titles, chapter titles, and authors of this innovative publication are:
Introduction: Studying the Holocaust as a Feminist by Esther Hertzog

Part I: The Adaptations of Jewish Families to Horror
Judith Tydor Baumel: Gender and Family Studies of the Holocaust: the Development of a Historical Discipline
Dalia Ofer: Motherhood under Siege
Irith Dublon-Knebel: "We're all well and hoping to hear the same from you soon..."; The Story of a Group of Families
Lidia Sciama: 1943: The Flight from Home
Judith Buber Agassi: “Camp Families” in Ravensbrück and the Social Organization of Jewish Women Prisoners in a Concentration Camp

Part II: Gendered Persecution and Sexualized Violence
Barbara Distel: The Persecution and Murder of German and German-Jewish Women between 1933 and 1945
Herta Nöbauer: “Racialized Gender, Gendered Race and Gendered-Racialized Academia: Female-Jewish Anthropologists in Vienna
Kirsty Chatwood: (Re)-Interpreting Stories of Sexual Violence: The Multiple Testimonies of Lucille Eichengreen
Helga Amesberger and Brigette Halbmayr: Nazi Differentiations Mattered: Ideological Intersections of Sexualized Violence during National Socialist Persecution
Vandana Joshi: Social Base of Racial Othering in Nazi Society: The Racial Community and Women's Agency in Denunciatory Practices

Part III: Gendered Altruism and Women's Leadership
Annette Dumbach: Sophie Scholl: An Exploration of a Young Woman's Courage in Nazi Germany
Rochelle G. Saidel: Jewish Political Prisoners in Ravensbrück Concentration Camp
Eva Fogelman: Gender as a Factor in Rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust

Part IV: Gender and Womanhood in Holocaust Representations
Esther Hertzog: Past and Present in my Mother's Holocaust Memories
Esther Fuchs: Gender, Identity and Family in the European Holocaust Film: The Jewess as Virgin and Whore

*Esther Hertzog is a Remember the Women Institute Advisory Board member


The Remember the Women Institute welcomes reviews of books pertaining to women and history for our on-line library. Please contact Dr. Rochelle G. Saidel with your inquiries.

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