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10 British Prisoners-of-War Saved My Life by Sara/Hannah Rigler10 British Prisoners-of-War Saved My Life by Sara/Hannah Rigler
Sara/Hannah Rigler's memoir, 10 British Prisoners-of-War Saved My Life (Jay Street Publishers, 2006), begins with her childhood in Shavel, Lithuania. Following the Soviet occupation, her father, a leather factory owner, was arrested. She then survived the Nazi-imposed ghetto, German death camps and a December 1944 - January 1945 death march. She escaped her German guards and hid in a barn. She was then rescued by Stan Wells, one of 10 British POWs captured at Dunkirk in 1941 and working as forced laborers. He brought her food and clothing and took care of her. As the Soviet liberating army closed in, the British POWs were evacuated. Twenty years later Hannah located one of her rescuers in South Africa, and in 1972, she had a reunion in London with nine of the POWs. Sara/Hannah Rigler was named Sara Matuson at birth. She came to the United States in 1947, became a nurse, and married William “Bill” Rigler. In memory of her sister Hannah, who perished on the death march along with her mother, Sara adopted her sister’s name.

[NOTE: I knew Hannah Rigler years ago, when I was working for New York State Senator Manfred Ohrenstein and she came to Albany on behalf of the Brooklyn Center for Holocaust Studies. I recently met her again through mutual friends, and learned that her remarkable story is now published. Dr. Rochelle G. Saidel]

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