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Não há Sol em Ravensbrück (There Is No Sun in Ravensbrück)

Sunday, April 26, 3:00 PM
Grupo Redimunho de Teatro
São Paulo, Brazil

by Lívia Gaudencio
On Sunday, April 26, at 3 PM, a reading of a play about Ravensbrück was presented in São Paulo, Brazil, written by Lívia Gaudencio. After the reading, Dr. Rochelle G. Saidel discussed this women's concentration camp with the audience.

Ha No Sol Em Ravensbruck

Photo, left: Playwright Lívia Gaudencio (left) and actors Lisandra Parede and Giovanna Galdi in a reading of Gaudenco's play, Não há Sol em Ravensbrück (There Is No Sun in Ravensbrück), performed on April 26, 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil. Photo, right: Actor Giovanna Galdi, Dr. Rochelle G. Saidel, and playwright Lívia Gaudencio (left to rright) at the play. Dr. Saidel spoke with the audience about her work on Ravensbrück.

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